“what can a body do?” quoting the words of the philosopher Spinoza the aim of this course is to unfold the morphogenetic potentials that can emerge from immanent properties of materials as soon as we freed them from transcendent geometric forms, rules and proportions.
Retracing the research paths of past innovators such as Frei Otto and Vladimir Shukhov, we will use fabric as an analogue computer: a machine able to unfold its immanent qualities and to acquire a stable form once challenged from external stresses.

[Cut it. Fold it. Tear it. Stretch it.]

What are then the immanent properties of textiles? How can we bend, fold, stretch and twist them to make their potentials emerge? How they will respond to our testing? Patches of fabric with various consistencies, elasticity, thicknesses, densities will be challenged within a playground of rigorous experimentation where processes and responses will be recorded to build up an accurate understanding of their behaviors and to unfold their potentials.
This knowledge will be the basis for the creation of a platform of design experimentation, linking together algorithmic design (Grasshopper for Rhino 3D) and physical modelling, which will lead towards the creation of three-dimensional “body” emerging from the accurate interconnection of single units of fabric.



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